Pâtisserie de saison

I spent a month in Beijing last year, and even though I tasted Beijing and Chinese food, I found very few desserts. You must know by now (for those who didn’t already know) that I have quite the sweet tooth, so when I read this post, promising a fantastic Chinese patisserie, I ran to it!

Well, at least I gave it a try. But now I can say that Chinese patisserie isn’t for me! Yet a friend and I tried a lot of things: it’s the good point of this shop, nothing is really expensive (compared to the vaguely trendy Parisian patisseries that sell the simplest cake 6-7€, here it’s around 2€…), so you can really get a large sample. All in all, everything looks nice, but nothing is really tasty. Bayteuil (any idea what the English name is ?), in particular, that I discovered. Although does it count if I didn’t taste anything? Actually, I wouldn’t mind going back, but not for the pastries; for the sandwiches!!! The one we shared, beef-carrots-lemongrass was to die for!

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