Et rose elle a vécut ce que vivent les roses, l’espace d’une bouchée…*

Every now and then I see baking posts whose writers swear they’re “soooooo easy”, and I keep them to try, since they’re “soooo easy”… Well, once bitten, twice shy. So it took me quite a while to give this idea a try, but it was really worth it.

I’ll let you get the recipe from this blog, but know you will have to adapt it to your taste. I, for instance, made the dough a little higher so the pies held better, and I put a mixture of heavy cream/grounded almonds/sugar/spices at the bottom to make it a little less dry (but also a bit less diet-abiding). And don’t be fooled: you may think it will be quickly done but noooo! Rolling the petals into a rose takes ages!

Her pictures are better than mine, but I have to say those little things look seriously cute even in mine !

* I feel a bit bad using this beautiful sad poem as my title for a food post… Do you think Malherb would mind ?

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